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RDA-Nordic FAIR research software 30.08.2021


Common Notes



# Duration Agenda Item
1 5 minutes Introduction (RDA-SE / RDA-DK) - organisational perspective
2 5 minutes What does FAIR for research software mean and what is the difference to FAIR research data
Speaker: Leyla Jael Garcia-Castro, FAIR4RS WG
3 20 minutes Nordic perspective
Speakers: Malin Sandström, INCF and Radovan Bast, CodeRefinery
4 15 minutes Q&A
10 minutes Break
5 20 minutes Outputs FAIR4RS WG
Speakers: Leyla Jael Garcia-Castro and Carlos Martinez Ortiz, FAIR4RS WG
6 15 minutes Q&A
7 20 minutes Open discussion with prepared questions
8 10 minutes Thanks and concluding remarks

The FAIR for Research Software (FAIR4RS) working group will be jointly convened as an RDA Working Group, FORCE11 Working Group, and a Research Software Alliance (ReSA) Taskforce, in recognition of the importance of this work for the advancement of the research sector. They invite you to participate to work on community-endorsed FAIR principles for research software and encourage their adoption. There are multiple ways to get involved, from receiving news, to co-writing, presenting outputs and leading your own events related to #FAIR4RS.

Leyla Jael Garcia Castro is currently working as team leader for the Semantic Retrieval research team, part of the Knowledge Management Group, at ZB MED Information Centre for life sciences. Her team mainly works on literature-based information retrieval, recommendation systems, and ontology/embeddings-based search and categorization. She is a Computer Scientist interested in semantic web, linked data, data science, open science and education. She is currently involved in community projects aiming to make FAIR a reality not only for data but also for software and training materials. She has worked on software development and data integration, semantic web (mostly on named entity recognition and its linked data applications), project coordination, scientific events organization and chairing, and community-based projects (e.g., Bioschemas and BioJS). She has also worked as a university lecturer on software development and information systems.

Carlos Martinez Ortiz . His main focus is on software sustainability, open science and FAIR research software. He is part of the NL-RSE core team. Previously, he has worked as a research software engineer in diverse projects in digital humanities and life sciences, developing expertise in natural language processing, linked open data and software sustainability. Carlos obtained his PhD in Computer Science at the University of Exeter.

Radovan Bast is managing the CodeRefinery project which provides training events for students, researchers, and staff from all disciplines and national e-infrastructure partners to advance FAIRness of software management and development practices so that research groups can better collaboratively develop, review, discuss, test, share, and reuse their codes. He is part of the Nordic research software engineers community.

Malin Sandström is the Community Engagement officer for the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF). The mission of INCF is to help make neuroscience FAIR and move it towards an open, citable ecosystem. Malin has a PhD in computational neuroscience – she did computational modelling of the olfactory system – and a MSc in engineering physics with biophysics. She works with the INCF working groups, who are mainly software tool developers and maintainers, and is engaged in the Nordic and European RSE community. She is interested in reproducibility, interoperability and reuse of scientific outputs, including software.